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About Tammy Pilon

Watercolour was Tammy’s first love. Through this medium she was able to understand the importance of being in the moment and executing every brush stroke with confidence and purpose. Her approach to every medium is guided by this wisdom. It is very apparent in her oils where the impasto brushstroke expresses movement and contours in the land. She is comfortable working in oil, acrylic and watercolour and is known for her use of colour and light. Her dramatic paintings are inspired by the beauty she finds at home in Port Coquitlam and throughout British Columbia, Canada. 


She also has a strong design skill from starting out as a graphic designer which is apparent in her abstracts where textural details interplay with interesting colour combinations. Whatever the style Tammy is able to express a soulful mood in each of her pieces.

"Practicing my art gives me an opportunity to come to the quiet centre where something greater than myself can work through me"  -Tammy Pilon

Tammy is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Her artwork has been selected for many exhibits on Granville Island, Vancouver. Her work has been bought by people from across Canada.


For information on classes and workshops by Tammy go to

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