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Teaching on hold

Updated: May 16

Classes at the studio have been either cancelled or put on hold. I have to say that this has been a great time for me to actually be an artist rather than than begin focused on teaching classes but I know that everyone is waiting. With all this isolation everyone is wondering when I'll be teaching again. So at this point, and this may change, I will be doing small group classes in the Fall again. Some private lessons may occur in the summer. Please contact me by email if you are interested.

What can you do in the meantime?

Just paint. Go for walks. Take pictures. Think about painting. Or just paint.

There are lots of classes:

The internet is so full of on-line classes. Just look and I'm sure you will find something that peaks your interest.

Or you can try:

  1. Youtube

  2. Pintrest

  3. Skillshare

  4. Masterclass

  5. Creative Live


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