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Out with the Old

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

In with the New. I was struggling with how to get started this year after the minimal Christmas celebrations and lingering blah feeling. So I want to share with you how I got inspired back into doing art again. First there was the last of the decorations, a dying white poinsettia, sitting of my table. So I got my sketchbook out and started drawing all the interesting lines I saw. Soon I was grateful for the fact that this plant was starting to shrivel because the curled leaves had the most interesting lines. Whenever I sit for a few minutes and draw, thoughts come to my mind. A clarity of what I was feeling before but was unable to put into words.

The next day I felt I wanted to paint but didn't know what I felt like putting my energy into so I pulled out 3 old paintings that I decided were not worth keeping. (Out with the Old) Two of them I painted over with white gesso.

One of the paintings had some nice warm colours so I used it as the underpainting for an abstract. I took a dark colour and made some gestural brush marks over the canvas. Then I filled the shapes between the lines with various tones of gray. The result was an abstract done in less than 20 minutes. I now have it up in my studio and I am intrigued at how the design speaks to me.

I see two opposing forces competing for attention. The square static shape is getting overpowered by the oval shape that appears to be moving and squashing the other shape. Now I just have to figure out what each of the shapes represent in my life. Truth exposed through Art!

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